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Welcome at Deloitte Forward, Deloitte Netherlands’s very own online publication platform, a ‘digital content hub’ with the best national and international articles by Deloitte, written by Deloitters from all over the world.


Which topics have we selected for publication?


Deloitte Forward offers more insight into the most important developments in the following fields:



Anyone who has the slightest interest in the topics above is welcome to Deloitte Forward to learn more and/or share their thoughts on our articles.

What sort of content is available here?


We publish articles that are characterised by ‘thought leadership’, articles that elucidate, inform and provide insight into the topic, such as background features, cases, research, interviews, op-ed articles, videos, white papers and podcasts – it’s not our intention to publish commercial articles specifically focused on promoting our business.

The team


Deloitte Forward is produced with the help of Deloitte’s experts, at home and abroad, and by Deloitte’s Brand Value Managers. The Brand Value Managers coordinate the selected focal areas and ensure that the most interesting articles are published on Deloitte Forward (too).



Alexandra Blikman
Alexandra Blikman, Brand Value Manager Digital


Egbert van Keulen
Egbert van Keulen: Brand Value Manager Artificial Intelligence


Karen van Schie
Karen van Schie: Brand Value Manager Cyber Security en Data


Maarten Snijders
Maarten Snijders: Brand Value Manager Blockchain


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